Sustainable Development

The United Nations announced the "2030 Sustainable Development Goals" in 2015, aiming to propose improvement goals for climate change, economic growth, social equality, and the gap between the rich and the poor. And Century Wind Power also has actual achievements and achievements under the sustainable goals related to operations, and strives to work together with the world to a sustainable future.



世紀風電 實踐摘要


3.3:Fight infectious diseases

Cooperate with the government's epidemic prevention policies to implement epidemic prevention measures.

Donate protective clothing and isolation gowns to Taoyuan City Government.

3.6:Reduce traffic accident

•Strengthen the persuasion and inspection of traffic violations in the factory and around the port area.

Traffic Safety Advocacy.

3.8Achieving universal health coverage

Arrange one day a month for the contracted doctors of Yadong Hospital to provide employee health consultation in the factory.

Carry out a health check for all employees once a year, and also assist subsidiaries and resident third-party manufacturers in the process.

Daily promotion of knowledge about physical and mental health to make employees understand the importance of health promotion.


6.1:Safe Affordable Drinking Water

The whole factory area (including the administrative building) is equipped with qualified drinking water facilities.

6.2:Health facilities

•Daily staff to maintain the cleanliness of toilets.

Disabled toilet.

6.4:Conserve water and increase water efficiency

Toilets are equipped with two-stage flushers.

Water-saving valves are installed on all faucets.

Implement water conservation policies.


7.2:Increase the proportion of renewable energy, develop

The company is committed to the development of the manufacturing of offshore wind power underwater infrastructure equipment.

The roofs of each factory area of the company are rented out to solar companies to install solar panel power generation systems, and the generated electricity will flow to the Taiwan Power Company, indirectly helping to increase the proportion of green electricity in the country.


8.1:Sustainable Economic Growth

Since the company actually started production in 2019, its operating income, output value, and production capacity have increased year by year.

8.3:Promote policies to support job creation and business growth

The government's promotion of offshore wind power, in addition to reducing carbon emissions and increasing the proportion of renewable energy, also creates new employment opportunities for this emerging industry. As a part of this industry chain, the company also communicates with domestic and foreign third-party manufacturers and developers, learns technology, and drives the growth of the industry.

8.5:Achieving full and productive employment

A total of 301 new employees of Century Wind Power in 2021.

As of 2021, Century Wind Power's employees include 2 persons with disabilities.

8.6:Promote youth employment, education

Through industry-university exchanges, promote knowledge about offshore wind power and its components, and provide internship and employment channels, so that students who are interested in offshore wind power-related technologies have the opportunity to enter the industrial workplace.

8.7:End Modern Slavery, Trafficking and Child Labour

Century Wind Power has formulated the "Century Wind Power Declaration of Human Rights" in accordance with recognized human rights standards such as the Tripartite Declaration of Principles of the International Labour Organization and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and strictly adheres to policies such as non-forced labor, reasonable working hours, and rejection of child labor.

8.8:Promote a safe work environment

In 2021, a total of 35 occupational safety education and training sessions, lectures and training sessions were conducted, with a total of 667 trainees and a total of 6,339.5 hours of training (including personnel from third-party manufacturers and subsidiaries in the factory). In addition, operating environment monitoring and related disaster prevention drills are also carried out on a regular basis.

8.B:Development of global youth employment

Due to the needs of the manufacturing process, Century Wind Power has introduced foreign talents. Among the new employees in 2021, five will be foreign migrant workers.


9.B:Supporting technological development and industrial diversification

Support and implement the government's policy of developing green energy. The company is one of the manufacturers of offshore wind power underwater foundation, and spares no effort in the technical exchange and development of this emerging industry at home and abroad.


10.2:Promote general social, economic and political inclusion

The company has established the "Century Wind Power Declaration of Human Rights", and employs employees without discrimination based on age, gender, physical and mental disabilities, race, ethnicity, motherland, religion, economy, political affiliation, sexual orientation or other status. Human rights protection and labor policy.


11.2:Affordable and Sustainable Transportation System

Free shuttle bus for employees to and from get off work.

additional travel allowance.

11.6:Reduce the environmental impact of cities

The company has a coating plant, so there are related pollution prevention and dust collection equipment settings.

Regular environmental monitoring of dust, air quality, noise in the work area, low-frequency noise and water quality.

11.7:Green and Public Space

The first phase of the company's plant will be awarded the green building label in 2021.


12.5:Reduce waste generation

Scrap steel and welding slag generated in the process are all recycled by qualified manufacturers for sustainable use.

12.6:Disclosure of Sustainability Information

Century Wind Power has compiled a corporate social responsibility report (now known as the Sustainability Report) since 2020, and published it on the company's website to improve information disclosure, and cooperate with the disclosure projects required by the Financial Regulatory Commission, and continue to issue it every year.


14.1:Reduce marine pollution

Regularly monitor the water body and water quality of the discharge outlet.


16.5:reduce corruption

Strictly prevent private fraud with organizational rules and various control mechanisms, and continue to operate with integrity.


17.14:Policy Coherence for Sustainability

ŸThe company is one of the production chains of the offshore wind power industry. In addition to developing Taiwan's offshore wind power together with European developers, it also assists in learning the relevant technologies and processes of the offshore wind power industry through technical exchanges and talent recruitment with various countries. The government has reached the target of 20% renewable energy generation by 2025.

ŸActively participate in the exchange activities of domestic and foreign industrial trade unions, associations and societies.