Internal Audit

Century Wind Power has set up an internal audit department, which is directly responsible to the board of directors. Its job is to check each operation item and make recommendations for improvement, so as to ensure the achievement of "effectiveness and efficiency of operation", "reliability of financial information", and "compliance with relevant laws and regulations". The internal audit report and audit follow-up report are submitted to the independent directors for review, and the audit supervisor also attends the board of directors to report various audit work according to the audit plan.

The internal audit process is as follows:


Internal audits are conducted in accordance with the matters prescribed by the Financial Supervisory Commission, except for major transaction cycles (business development and collection, procurement and payment, production, personnel and payroll, financing, real estate, plant and equipment, investment, electronic data processing operations) ), the key points still include: derivative financial products, endorsement and guarantee, capital lending to others, property management, budget management, financial statements, related party transactions, supervision and management of subsidiaries, board of directors procedures and operations, prevention of insider transactions, etc.; And report to the Audit Committee for review in accordance with regulations.

In order to prevent the moral hazard of employees that may arise in the operation of the company, in addition to strengthening the strict requirements for personnel morality, in terms of system design, strict internal control, rules and measures are used to cooperate with regular and irregular internal audits. to deter fraud.