Business philosophy and vision


"We have only one belief: Century's products must stand the most 

severe test!

Century's service must exceed customer expectations, and Century's 

reputation must be maintained by Century Century! "

"Insist" on the right path, "innovation" as the engine, "integrity" as the foundation, and "hard work". This is Chairman Lai Wenxiang's expectation for his employees, and it is also his long-term requirement for himself. It can be said to be the spiritual slogan of the company.



"Green energy is an important part of the sustainable development of the earth's resources. The concept of using natural resources to create sustainable energy uses international standards to protect the local environment, ensure the life safety of every employee, and make products serve with world-class quality. customers at home and abroad.”


After the Executive Yuan approved the "Thousands of Onshore and Offshore Wind Turbine Project", the promotion strategy of "first demonstration, second potential, and later block" of offshore wind power was established, and then the renewable energy setting target was expanded. The offshore wind power installation capacity will be set in the Republic of China. Completed 5.5GW in 20119, including the potential wind farms that passed EIA in 2010 and conformed to the selection method in 2010, the wholesale electricity price of 3.5GW and the 2GW bidding system were transferred to commercial services in 114 and 2011, respectively, and successfully opened domestic and foreign developers. The investment gate also ensures the development of localization;


Afterwards, it was to increase the energy for the sustainable development of the green energy industry, and then announced that in 114, the proportion of renewable energy power generation accounted for 20%, and offshore wind power generation was the main axis of industrial development. This is the best time to introduce foreign technology, develop domestic production capacity, and join the offshore wind power supply chain.


In terms of the global development trend of wind power generation, Denmark is currently the leader in this technology. The company traveled to Denmark to observe wind power generation facilities and exchange technical experience, and has also strived for future cooperation opportunities with Taiwan.


We will also continue to explore overseas markets. In addition to looking forward to assisting the government in realizing the "non-nuclear homeland" plan in 2025, we also hope to use this experience to develop a new outlook for the future of the century.