Jacket Zhangfang West Island casing type underwater foundation project


Project Introduction

The casing type underwater foundation can be divided into three legs and four legs depending on the developer's design of the fan and structure. The size is about 25-35m in width, 60-80m in height, 1,200-1,600 tons in weight, and is composed of steel pipes. For the frame system, an adapter section is set on the platform above the steel frame to connect with the tower by flange joint.

It is the most economical foundation type for areas with a water depth of more than 20m. Compared with single-pile foundations and three-link foundations, the steel demand for casing foundations is lower. On the contrary, if used in shallow water areas, the casing The relative cost of the type foundation will be much higher. The advantage of the sleeve type foundation is that it does not need a relatively large pile foundation (such as a single pile foundation) to reduce construction noise.