Stakeholder Communication

In order to respect the rights and interests of stakeholders, the company identifies stakeholders and discusses relevant issues of concern to stakeholders through internal management review meetings every year, and uses appropriate communication methods and participation of stakeholders to meet their reasonable expectations and need.


In addition to periodically disclosing information on corporate governance, environmental safety and health management, social participation and finance through business reports and annual reports, it also regularly discloses sustainability reports to promote the accessibility, transparency, and Timeliness, completeness and interactivity.




Identification of major issues

●Identification process

In order to understand the interest of stakeholders on various sustainability issues of Century Wind Power, through the GRI guidelines, Century Wind Power provides electronic questionnaires to stakeholders such as customers and employees, and the electronic questionnaires are set up on the company's website for attention to Century Wind Power. Investors, the general public, etc. fill in the questionnaire, and then based on the results of the questionnaire, the issues of concern to stakeholders in 2021 will be compiled. Century Wind Power will internally evaluate the positive or negative impact of the company's operations on various issues, identify major issues, and decide on countermeasures.


●Identification result