Security policy

Management System

Since Century Wind Power passed the certification of the occupational safety and health management system ISO 45001 in 2019, it has undergone external audits at least once a year. Applicable, the relevant provisions of the third party personnel are separately stipulated in the contract. Continuous improvement through PDCA cycle, and regular review of various performance indicators in the company's occupational safety and health committee, in addition, through regular employee health inspections and safety drills to promote personnel health care and emergency response.


Safety culture

As part of CWP's HSSE policy, it is intended that all employees, subcontractors, outside workers and others involved in the project contribute to reducing the number of injuries and work to improve CWP's overall safety culture. To achieve the policy objectives, related activities are carried out on site, including:

●HSSE Conference

●Safe walking

● Risk Assessment and Construction Methods Meeting (RAMS)

●Incentive Program

● Toolbox meeting

●Observation log

●HSSE training

On-site inspection/safe walk

There will be a weekly HSSE Safety Walk and the results of the inspections will be the subject of CWP internal HSSE meetings and any health, safety or environmental observations will be reported to the relevant authorities for follow-up. The goal is to improve the safety culture for all parties involved in the client's project and ensure the overall goal of zero harm.

Project HSE Objectives and Indicators

CWP works to achieve the following HSSE objectives for client projects: