Supplier Management

Raw Material Supplier and Transportation Management

The main raw materials of Century Wind Power products are welding process-related materials such as steel and welding consumables. The supply of raw materials is sufficient and stable, so there is no difficulty in obtaining them. In addition to continuing to establish good relations with existing suppliers, the company will also actively seek and Develop excellent suppliers, so there is no risk of supply shortage or interruption.

In terms of transportation, Century Wind Power cooperates with domestic transportation companies that also have vertical integration services for terminal loading and unloading, warehousing, transportation, container distribution stations and customs declaration, and has passed the international management system ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001. Carry out the driver's alcohol test, blood pressure measurement and vehicle inspection before leaving the car to minimize the risks of transported products and occupational safety.


Supplier Review

Century Wind Power has a "supplier management program". When cooperating with new third-party manufacturers, the procurement and development unit, the responsible unit recommends or the manufacturer applies by itself, and the manufacturer submits the relevant documents and fills in the basic information according to the supply items. , after pre-examination and evaluation of suppliers with the professional ability of the responsible unit, and then assess whether to become a cooperative manufacturer of Century Wind Power. During the pre-audit, if it is a third-party manufacturer, it is necessary to review whether the third-party manufacturer has occurred major occupational environmental safety and health incidents in the past few years; if it is a raw material supplier, further evaluation of samples or on-site visits, three consecutive cooperation periods or one time. Qualified suppliers with no abnormal records during the year are preferred.

• Sample evaluation: When carrying out sample review, it should conduct physical trial production or testing in conjunction with quality control, and determine whether it is a qualified supplier according to the results.

• On-the-spot evaluation: The purchaser should, according to the manufacturer's business projects, ask the relevant units to conduct the manufacturer's evaluation to understand the various capabilities of the supplier, and then make an evaluation to determine whether to become a supplier.

Supplier Evaluation

Due to the characteristics of the industry, many projects of Century Wind Power require irregular long-distance materials and manpower. In order to meet the smoothness and quality of production operations, the third parties of Century Wind Power are divided into different units with different rights and responsibilities according to the company's "Quality Assurance Manual", "Environmental Safety and Health Management". Manual" management and assessment to ensure the consistency of the production process, in addition, the cooperative manufacturers in the supply chain must cooperate with Century Wind Power or third-party units to perform audits. Once found to be inconsistent with the company's relevant regulations or standards, Century Wind Power will require cooperation Manufacturers improve and play the role of coaching and assisting in a timely manner. The company's other regulations related to supply chain management include: contractor safety and health management procedures, contractor safety and health management procedures, labor safety discipline commitments and relevant stereotyped contracts.

In addition to conducting on-the-spot audits to suppliers from time to time, Century Wind Power also conducts regular evaluations on the quality, delivery time and coordination of major suppliers every year, such as proof of incoming materials, contract quality and performance.