Integrity management

Integrity management

The company has established "Integrity Management Code" and "Integrity Management Operation Procedures and Behavior Guidelines" to implement honest, fair, trustworthy and transparent business activities of integrity management, and also in internal regulations, annual reports, company website and external activities. Announce relevant business policies, so that the relevant stakeholders of the company, investors concerned about Century Wind Power, the public or other business-related organizations can understand the company's integrity management philosophy and norms. The audit office of the company is a dedicated unit to promote the integrity of the enterprise. It is responsible for supervising the prevention of dishonest behavior, and assists the board of directors and management to check and evaluate whether the established dishonest prevention measures are operating effectively. In addition, in accordance with the "Key Points for the Implementation of Advanced Education for Directors and Supervisors of Listed Companies" and in order to enhance the relevant corporate governance expertise of company managers, directors, supervisors, etc., the company encourages directors to participate in advanced education, and also appoints professional organizations to the company Conduct refresher courses for directors to study. The total number of training hours for directors in 2021 is 47 hours.


Benefit avoidance

The company has established a "Code of Ethics and Conduct". When directors, managers and other interested parties attending the board of directors have an interest in the matters of the board meeting, or the legal person they represent, they should explain their interest in the current board of directors, such as Risk of being harmful to the interests of the company, shall not participate in the discussion and voting, and shall abstain from the discussion and voting, and shall not exercise their voting rights on behalf of other directors. Implementation situation. In addition, the company's employees are not allowed to use company resources or information for business activities outside the company and for personal gain.

Preventing Fraud

In accordance with Article 7, Paragraph 1, Subparagraph 1 of the Political Contribution Act, the company shall not make political donations; the directors, managers, employees, appointees and substantial controllers of the company shall conduct business activities in accordance with the "Integrity Management Code". During the process, you shall not directly or indirectly provide, promise, request or accept any illegitimate benefits, or make other dishonest behaviors such as Guan Said that violate good faith, illegality or breach of fiduciary obligations, in order to obtain or maintain benefits. The company has also formulated a "Corruption Prevention Manual" for all employees to read and abide by, and set up complaint channels such as a special line for whistle-blowing and a complaint mailbox, and the audit office accepts complaints. No complaints will be received in 2021. If a complaint is received, follow-up operations will be carried out in accordance with the whistle-blowing system, prudently verifying whether there is any major corruption, malpractice or serious damage to the company's interests, and other violations of the operating regulations, and then the relevant units will properly handle it.

Corruption   Incidents Confirmed and Actions Taken



Total number and nature of identified corruption identifications



Total number of incidents where employees were fired or disciplined for   corruption incidents



Total number of contracts terminated or not renewed with business   partners due to corruption violations



All public legal cases against the corruption of Century Wind Power   employees and their results before the inspection of the report



●   Complaint Tel: 02-8979-8698 #300 (Auditing Office), #170 (Management Department)

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At the end of each year, each department conducts its own assessment of internal control. After review by the audit office, the results of each department's self-assessment are reported to the general manager, the audit committee and the board of directors for review, so as to adjust the design of the internal control system in response to changes in the environment and implementation, and implement the company's self-supervision mechanism.

Information transparency

In order to establish a sound information processing and disclosure mechanism and avoid improper leakage of information, Century Wind Power has formulated the "Administrative Measures for Preventing Insider Transactions" for compliance. In order to ensure the consistency and correctness of the information published by the company to the outside world, the following principles are followed. Information disclosure. If the media reports are inconsistent with the content disclosed by our company, the company will clarify at the public information observatory and request the media to make corrections.

When disclosing material information externally, the following principles should be adhered to:

● Correctness, completeness and timeliness of information disclosure

● Disclosure of information should be based on

● Information should be disclosed fairly

Records that should be kept in the disclosure of external information:

● Person, date and time of information disclosure

● Contents and methods of disclosure of information

● Content of the written information delivered